• Bad Luck Is An Excuse, And Good Luck Can Be Created

    The less you understand about the ways things are accomplished, the more you’ll believe that it’s fate, luck, or magic that it happens for someone else.
  • It’s Time to Get Aggressive About What You Say You Want

    The word “aggressive” means “pursuing one’s aims and interests forcefully,” and whether in sports, politics, life, or business, it’s aggressive people that get what they want.
  • How to Live a Life of Sacrifice

    What do we fear when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams? We fear the price we have to pay which means the amount of work, and the amount of time, required to reach our desired outcomes.
  • Finding the Way Out of Your Darkness

    For a lot of us, we’re “living at dusk” where we can’t tell if the day is dawning or the night is coming. We’re stuck in between, and we go nowhere.
  • The Force of Determination to Create What You Want

    When we don’t understand what’s required to achieve things, we can come up with fantastical reasons why others live and experience what we want. We think others are destined to succeed while we are destined to struggle.
  • The Secret to Never Quitting

    Why do people quit? Is it because something is too difficult to achieve? Is it because life is too hard? No, those are not the reasons people quit.
  • Lion-Hearted: Your Best Defense Against the Harshness of Life

    When life brings you heartache, setbacks, difficulties, and insurmountable problems, you’re best protection is your personal strength.
  • The Power of Focus to Create the Future You Want

    Look at what preceded some of your failures, and you’ll find your adversary, broken focus. It’s the diversions of life that weaken your resolve, and it’s the power of focus that makes you the master of your future. 
  • Dare to Pursue Your Dreams

    Like the explorer, new lands beckon you with a haunting whisper—a dare to leave what’s familiar in order to reach a new world made up of your dreams.
  • How to Create a Strong Mind

    Strong people have strong minds, and a strong mind is what separates those who succeed from those who fail. Discover five ways to create a stronger mind.
  • Stay Hungry: Finding Satisfaction in Dissatisfaction

    It may sound strange, but for me, my greatest satisfaction is found in my dissatisfaction, and I am the most full when I am the most hungry. And t...
  • The Brilliance of Being Bold

    To be bold is to confidently move in the direction of risk without hesitation. What is risk? It’s the possibility of loss; and if your mind is soaked with visions of loss, you will continually cower in the face of the very thing you should be doing with your life.