The Brilliance of Being Bold

There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that never otherwise would have occurred… Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. ~ Goethe

Why do we hesitate? When it comes to those things we say we most want to do with our lives, why do we wait? Is it money? We might say that’s the reason. Is it that no one will support us? There’s no doubt a lack of moral support—or belief—has held back a good many from living out their true potential, but is that reason enough to put off your dreams?

Some of us are always learning but never acting on what we know. Some of us are forever talking but never take a single step in the direction of what proceeds from our mouths. The old saying is that a graveyard is filled with lost potential, because the harsh reality is that most of us never maximize what we are nor what we can do.

Therefore, genius is found in taking action, and brilliance is seen by being bold!

Risk-Takers Focus on the Gain

To be bold is to confidently move in the direction of risk without hesitation. What is risk? It’s the possibility of loss; and if your mind is soaked with visions of loss, you will continually cower in the face of the very thing you should be doing with your life.

However, the “risk-taker” does not focus on the loss, because his or her mind is consumed with the “possibility of gain.” That’s right. The greatest possibilities of gain are always attached to risk. It’s simply an inescapable equation that stands in the way of you achieving greatness in your own life.

Your fears are in your mind, which means the draining of your fear follows the flooding of your mind with the possibility of gain. If you do not meditate upon the profit of taking action, you will be forever tormented by your untested, unproven desires and abilities. You will be haunted by the simple fact that you’re able to live out a dream, but you’re too afraid to allow yourself to head in that direction.

When Providence Moves

If you feel that taking a risk on yourself means you’ll be depending solely upon yourself, then consider the fact that Goethe is right:

“[T]he moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that never otherwise would have occurred.”

What is providence? It’s the strange support of that which lies behind all that we see. It’s the “divine hand” orchestrating what happens in our lives, and it seems to be more active whenever we make a bold decision.

But maybe you don’t believe in such things, yet I can guarantee you’ve seen instances of it happening. Within the realms of theology, they say that the divine is the “first cause” of all things but works through “secondary causes” which represent our own will, choices, and actions. In other words, regardless of your personal beliefs, bold action will set the universe in motion!

Follow Your Bliss

The famous mythologist, Joseph Campbell, said it this way:

“And I have a firm belief in this now, and not only in terms of my experience, but in knowing the experiences of other people: when you follow your bliss—and by bliss I mean the deep sense of being in it and doing what the push is out of your own existence—you follow that and doors will open where you would not have thought were going to be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anybody else. There’s something about the integrity of a life and the world moves in and helps.”

Granted, there might be a physicist who can explain how such bold decisions to follow one’s bliss can cause seemingly “miraculous” happenstances to transpire—much like the Butterfly Effect—but I’m not interested in the how. Just as I’m not interested in the details of how my digestive system works. I’m just glad it does, so I can keep eating!

The Fearful and the Lazy

If you move in the face of risk, the payoff can be great; and if your bold action creates such great gain, then that in itself is brilliance on display. In an era when too many are held back by fear and laziness, the genius is the one who progresses into greater and greater gain. So much so that the fearful and the lazy make them targets of envy.

So if you’re ready to release your own personal power, then head straight for the stormy winds of risk that stand in front of your destination. Take a thorough inventory of your interests, passions, and abilities and select the best direction for who you are and what you can do. By doing so, you will be delivering to yourself the greatest honor you can bestow. To manifest your potential is how you glorify what you’ve been given.

Boldness is the elixir that will turn your mediocrity into a golden life!

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  • Great article. I’m going to have my kids read it as well. I’ve learned some of my best life lessons by trying something new. I’ve owned a couple businesses one took off and one was a struggle. I have more fond memories from the struggle than the success. You guys rock!!

    Todd Williamson

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