Lion-Hearted: Your Best Defense Against the Harshness of Life


Your best defense against haters, skeptics, critics, and those that ignore you, is to create a stronger you—to become lion-hearted.

When life brings you heartache, setbacks, difficulties, and insurmountable problems, your best protection is your personal strength.

It’s not greater walls that you need. It’s a stronger you. It’s not the protection of others that will make you great. It’s a stronger you.

That’s why the most important obligation you have is to yourself—to create a stronger you to meet the obstacles that are headed straight for you!

We All Have Bad Days

My own best defense is my personal strength. That’s how I carry so much weight on my shoulders managing multiple businesses, personal obligations, diet and training, and thousands of followers.

I have bad days too. I have challenges constantly. I have people say the harshest things to me. I experience disappointments. I listen to others incessantly whine. I read the same news headlines as you.

And sometimes, I get knocked down. Sometimes, I don’t react the way I should. Sometimes, I hurt people’s feelings. Sometimes, I ask myself if all this work is really worth it.

If there was ever a tattoo I’d put on my skin, it would be a lion’s head with the words “Lion-Hearted.” It’s how I want to live.

The Difference is in How Much We Invested in Ourselves

The difference between me and someone who struggles comes down to personal strength. The difference is that I put in the tens of thousands of hours over 25 years into personal development.

I read hundreds of books. I listened to hundreds of lectures, talks, and sermons. I’ve counseled with those senior to me. I did my best to produce results in those areas of life that were important.

The end result was a stronger me, although that wasn’t my intent. I was only trying to learn and apply what I was taught, but in the process, I became stronger. I did all of this for a quarter-century when hardly anyone knew my name.

How to Strengthen Yourself

Ultimately, THIS IS what I’m after with anything I do. I want to help create a stronger you. More than seeing you motivated, I want to see you gain strength and push through the harsh winds that life blows.

Here are six ways to create a stronger you:

  • Read non-fiction books that will challenge your mind.
  • Listen to inspirational, or motivational, messages from strong leaders.
  • Cut off—or keep at a distance—relationships that bring you down.
  • Limit your watching of television.
  • Eat right and train hard.
  • Stay close to people that challenge you to greatness.

You’d be amazed at how radically your life will change if you did these things for just 30-90 days. It would be revolutionary!

Are you ready to build your personal strength, get out of your rut, and start achieving your goals? Mac and I have created a private coaching community to help you do that. Click to learn more about the Keep The Blaze Alive Coaching Squad.


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  • Great article CJ, person growth and strength are so important in our lives. Those 6 points are an awesome guideline to becoming a better “you”. 10/10

    Alex F

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