Dare to Pursue Your Dreams

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. ~ André Gide

Imagine the reckless courage it took to venture out into unknown waters in search of new lands. Try to envision the mindset of the early adventurers—and the amount of daring they sported—and realize that without something similar to their grit, you will remain where you are: firmly lodged on the shores of personal security and devoid of all your dreams.

Like the explorer, new lands beckon you with a haunting whisper—a dare to leave what’s familiar in order to reach a new world made up of your dreams. Yet, for every voyager who sets sail, there are thousands who gulp their fears because they have no stomach for risk.

New Lands and a New You

Without great risk, there will never be great gain. Without a willingness to break the emotional ties to the safety of your present circumstances, you will not only miss out on your ambitions—you will also never see your better self. It’s the struggle to overcome fears—and the relentless wind and waves of life’s resistance—that transforms cowardice into courage and creates in you a steely constitution you never thought possible.

In other words, it’s not simply your goals and dreams that you want. It’s manifesting the person you’ve always wanted to be. What makes where you are so frustrating is because you know you’re trapped by your own reluctance to dare and take action. This becomes the fuel of self-hatred, because we disappoint ourselves repeatedly.

Silence Your Fear and Answer the Call

Ask yourself this question: “Is it really that difficult to pursue my dreams?” If you were to make just one step today towards leaving where you are, is it really that frightening? After all, you would not be in a constant state of inner conflict if there were not a part of you that was ready to launch out. That desire represents sufficient evidence that heaven itself has called you to this new life. It’s time to silence the voice of fear and give heed to your calling!

If you’re going to resolve the war going on inside you, you must give in to your desire for something better by taking action today. No more wishing. No more hoping. No more dreaming. No more talking. Just take a step—any step. Just move your body towards the boats and know that you’ll find a way to get there.

Is there risk? Absolutely! Is there a chance you’ll fail? Most definitely. But this is where the analogy of the explorer breaks down and no longer applies. For the navigator, failure meant being lost at sea and eventual death. For you, failure only means trying again.

What You Fear is an Illusion

What’s my point to all this? It’s simple. Venturing out to pursue your goals and dreams is nothing like the gut-wrenching risk of an early explorer, but you’re holding yourself back in the exact same manner as those too frightened to search for new lands. What you fear is an illusion. What they feared was real.

You have one life. Why spend it in personal security if your heart is raging for something more? Even if you don’t reach the “pinnacles of success,” your heart will be satisfied by the daring manner in which you now choose to live. Answer the deeper call that torments you, because the only way to quiet that voice is to venture out into the unsure waters of your true potential. The time to act was yesterday, but life will forgive you of your neglect if you decide to take action today.

Go deep, my friend!


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  • There is truth and from that truth inspiring power in this post. I was thrown out of my comfort zone by the economic slump 9 years ago and I had to improvise adapt and overcome. I found a new passion in teaching and coaching. I am now pushing myself again into unchartered waters to pursue that passion for coaching rather than settle for the second best of a potential corporate job which has become a comfort zone and which ultimately I will end up sucking at because its just a pay check rather than a true purpose and calling. Thank you CJ and Mac for doing what you are doing with the Podcast and helped give me a push. Its really making a difference. Metal Up!

  • Awesome article! Really like the use of the explorers having to risk their lives, literally. I did risk my life in a sense to challenge myself to get out of the day to day comfortable living. I actually hated it!

    Long story short…I “burned the ships” fourteen years ago. Though it didn’t turn out how I dreamed about. I at least tried. And, I overcame and accomplished things I never thought I could do.

    I’ve been fighting to get back to normal after a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2009. Then a back injury from an inattentive driver. These new physical challenges have made me have to regroup, reassess, and eventually relaunch.

    Thank you and Mac for the inspirational podcasts. You guys keep me focused during those times of doubt, fear, and entertaining the thought of quitting. Quitting is not an option!


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