The Power of Focus to Create the Future You Want

Look at what preceded some of your failures, and you’ll find your adversary, broken focus. Look for the times you quit, and you’ll see how the demons of distraction brought you down by poisoning your mind with a thousand temptations. It’s the diversions of life that weaken your resolve, and it’s the power of focus that makes you the master of your future. If you can purge the unwanted remains of what distracts you, you can purify your mind for achievement.

This is the essence of mind mastery. It’s not the controlling of your thoughts for the sake of peace. It’s the harnessing of your focus to create what you want by means of relentless action. This is the power of a disciplined mind. It fuels the tireless diligence you need to create the kind of future you want.

The Power of Concentration

To focus is to concentrate, and concentration is when the totality of your mental strength is centered on what it is you’re doing. When you’re in this state of mind, your intensity cannot be quenched, because you’ve left no room for competing desires to enter in. When you’re absorbed in what you’re doing, your performance is at its highest level.

But an enemy lurks under the cover of the mundane. What is mundane? It’s the long period of tedious discipline that’s required to bring your dreams and plans into reality. You might be focused today, but what about two months from now? What about two years from now? Can you sustain your intensity when you’re dragging yourself through the unglamorous desert of endless hard work?

It’s this season in the wilderness when the enemy of distraction attacks your mind with fear, insecurity, competing desires, and a litany of reasons to quit. Therefore, the assault on your focus is what you must prepare for, and there’s only one sure way to defeat it: you must continually feed your resolve.

Protect What’s Inside You By Making It Stronger

The best way to protect what’s inside you is by making it stronger. Don’t simply build up your walls of defense, strengthen what it is you’re protecting. If you empower your focus, you’ll overcome distractions. If you feed your conviction, you won’t compromise your goals. There is nothing so strong as a determined mind filled with certainty.

This is the meaning of the word resolve: it’s being convinced that a course of action is right because, without that sense of certainty, you’ll quit when you face competing desires. This is why you must make a firm decision on the specific course of action you want to take. A firm decision destroys confusion, eliminates excuses, and forces you into a permanent “state of action.” This is what makes a decision one of the most powerful forces a human can release.

To be focused is to be resolved in your mind about what you’re doing and where you’re going. It means you must be convinced of the rightness of your goal and the rightness of your method(s) to obtaining it.

The Right Thing To Do

When you say, “This is the right thing to do,” it’s because your decision is the most suitable option in light of all that you know. That’s why you should learn as much as you can about yourself, your abilities, and the ways you can use them before you decide upon the goal(s) you’re going to pursue. The more you know, the more you’ll be convinced of the rightness of your choice.

Since the age of 21, I knew the general direction that I wanted to pursue, and even though the specific targets may have changed, the power of my original decision has never failed to destroy all competing desires. I am as passionate today as I was then, and it is pointless for anyone to try and talk me out of my mission. I know the right thing to do for my life. Yes, I experienced the temptation to go another direction, but those allurements were short-lived. My dominant passion always seized control.

I am also convinced of the rightness of my methods. Since my life goal is to equip others to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves, the primary methods of self-education, communications, and relentless service are unchanging. I will never fail so long as I pursue excellence in these primary methods. Learning, writing, speaking, and coaching will always be the methods to my madness!

It’s time for you to think hard about your life. The clock is ticking.


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  • Keep the Blaze Alive! Great article. Can’t wait to join the new coaching program with You and Mac! Your Lewis & Clark podcast was one the best podcasts I’ve ever heard! #MakeItHabitual #RockNRoll

  • You guys should read the “Gift of Fear.” The title of the book is misleading, but it talks about your gut instincts. The book was written by Gavin De Becker.

    Blake Webster

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