Finding the Way Out of Your Darkness

When it comes to your life, is the day dawning, or is the night coming?

When life keeps beating you, guess where you end up? You end up in a passive position waiting for things to happen. You end up wishing and hoping when you once were hungry and aggressive. Like the dog who doesn’t want to be hit again, you wince at everything that swings by your head.

You don’t have that desire anymore to “go for it.” Maybe you feel like you’re too old, you’ve been beaten too much, or that there’s no way your future won’t resemble your past. Maybe you feel you just don’t have what others have—you’re just not wired to reach your goals or change your life. Others are, but you’re not, and you’ve proven it many times over.

“Woe is Me” Never Changed Anything

Did I just describe your pity party? Because that’s exactly what it is! Am I being too mean? Well, you’ll have to forgive me and get over it, because you don’t want sympathy from me. It will do nothing for you. Wait! I take that back. It will do one thing for you: it will help enable you to remain where you are!

But those who’ve been beaten up by life are looking for comfort, and since life isn’t providing them any solace, they look for it from others. “Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for me?”

“Woe is me” never changed anything, so I recommend you stop saying that to yourself. Life is unfair, and we all know it, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get back to the fact that YOU have a hell of a lot more personal power than you’re releasing right now. That’s right. The most important person you need at this time is you!

Are You Stuck Living at Dusk?

Do you have any idea how bad ass you are? Do you realize how much raging fire of potential is burning in you right now? You probably don’t, but that’s only because you’ve allowed your thoughts to be dominated by what’s happened to you instead of regularly meditating on how much you’re capable of achieving.

That’s the simple point that most people miss. They believe that what they think and feel during their dark time is reality when it isn’t. They miss the fact that feelings follow consistent thoughts, and if they began to slowly fill their minds with empowering ideas, they could do more than just climb out of their pit of despair. They could become their greatest self.

It all begins with a simple awakening, but sometimes, people don’t see the light until things get dark enough. For a lot of us, we’re “living at dusk” where we can’t tell if the day is dawning or the night is coming. We’re stuck in between, and we go nowhere. That is until we finally resolve within ourselves that it’s the night that’s coming, and we should welcome the darkness, because it will be our new home.

Find, Feed, Spread, Defend

To hell with that! When it feels like the night is coming from the outside then it’s time for the day to dawn on the inside! How do you know what the light is? Simple. It’s the opposite of your darkness.

The light is the truth that shines in your mind and heart telling you not to give up. It’s the flickering flame that’s reminding you that you’re better than giving up. And if you feed that little flame, it can grow to consume your gloom and drive out every bit of darkness that you’re living in right now. Let’s try these four things instead:

  1. Find your flame. Those thoughts that represent the opposite of where you are right now.
  2. Feed your flame by adding more positive thoughts. Force your mind to think higher.
  3. Spread your flame by seeing yourself conquering in every area of your life. Picture it as best you can.
  4. Defend your flame by rejecting every negative thought that tries to enter your mind and every negative word people say to you.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose But Everything to Gain

In the song “Take Hold of the Flame” by Queensryche, it says, “Take hold of the flame. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.” I hope you realize that. I hope you can keep in mind that you’ve got nothing to lose by driving out the darkness of your mind by flooding it with light. You won’t be lying to yourself even though these new thoughts may appear strange to you.

You’ll lose nothing by taking hold of your flame, but you’ll gain more and more as you use that torch to navigate your way to the best season of your life.

And remember, in whatever you do, don't suck! Metal Up! 👊💀🤘

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