The Secret to Never Quitting

Why do people quit? Is it because something is too difficult to achieve? Is it because life is too hard? No, those are not the reasons people quit.

We all know that anything of value is not easy to achieve. We also know that it takes hard work to accomplish most goals. So, the fact that there’s difficulty is not the sole issue.

You might say, “I disagree, C. J. Sometimes things can be too difficult that it’s just not worth it.”

Ahhhhh! Bingo! You just revealed the real reason why we quit! It’s just not WORTH it!

The worth of something is its value, so our quitting happens when the difficulty of achieving something exceeds the value we’ve placed on it.

The real battle we have in life is the constant conflict in our minds between value and difficulty.

Do You Really Want What You Say You Want?

I could create the most demanding requirements for you to accomplish, and I could get you to fulfill all of them and more so long as I attached something of exceeding value to the end of it. For example, the life of a close family member.

At what point would you quit if you knew the life of a close family member would be lost because of it?

You wouldn’t quit. You would die trying!

If the goal you’re after is only to lose 50 lbs, you can always negotiate with yourself about quitting or compromising your diet and exercise because the difficulty can easily exceed the value.

You can always say things like, “Well, I don’t look that bad. My spouse loves me like I am. Besides, it’s not like I eat cake ALL the time!” The next thing you know, you’ve added 10 lbs.

The key then is to attach more value to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, and attaching more value is something that happens in the mind.

You must genuinely desire what it is you’re after, and the secret is found in this simple truth:

“Desire is a form of hunger that increases the more you feed it.”

Did you catch that? How can a hunger increase if it’s fed? If you’re physically hungry, and you eat something, your hunger is satisfied. Not so with desire. Desire increases the more you feed it.

Think of it like fire. Doesn’t fire increase the more you feed it?

5 Minutes Could Change Your Life

Granted, every analogy breaks down, but I think you get the idea. The more you meditate on what it is you desire, the more you’ll crowd out competing desires or your compromising thoughts. The more you visualize what it is you want, the less room there will be in your mind for thoughts about quitting.

So, if you’re “thinking” about quitting today, don’t. Instead, think about your desires again. Spend just 5 minutes right now visualizing your desired outcome and watch what happens to you.

  • Your desire for it will increase.
  • Your thoughts about quitting will get weaker.
  • Your personal power will start to rise.
  • Your emotions will turn positive.

Here’s the kicker. Nothing changed about your circumstances. Nothing changed about how difficult it will be to achieve what you want. The only thing that changed in those 5 minutes is the way you think about value vs. difficulty. 

And remember, in whatever you do, don't suck! Metal Up! 👊💀🤘

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  • Absolute trash. Sales pitch for their Patreon

    The truth
  • I really liked this post. I’ve been practicing meditation for many years and I’m always blown away by the power of the mind. Additionally, I believe in the power WORDS have. Talk Sh*t about yourself and others and that’s what you’ll think and be. Speak well of yourself and others…..
    Even though I’m familiar with positive meditative practices, it’s nice to have someone remind you how simple and beneficial taking 5 minutes to focus on said practice really is.
    Good stuff man! Thanks for the boost!
    p.s. “don’t suck! Metal up!” made me laugh out loud.

    Paul Richter

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