Episode 8 with Rick Hogg (Special Forces Vet)

C. J. and Mac are joined on Veteran’s Day by Special Forces veteran, Rick Hogg, of War Hogg Tactical to discuss veterans, Vietnam, growing up in the 70s and 80s, mindset, music, life, raising kids, and more. Rick also provides great insight to the military use of dogs since Rick handled K9s in his special operations unit. And of course, Rick joins in on the Q&A!

Q&A with Mac & C. J.

In the Q&A segment, C. J., Mac, and Jamey answer:

1. Long time listener....Army recon/sniper and current LEO.  How can you create a life home/work balance being so mentally and physically fatigued.

2. For a non metal guy who wants to “be cool,” what would you guys recommend as a starter list to launch into?

3. Are night sights a must? Or are fiber optic a good solid choice?

4. How do special forces view candidates who have substance abuse background but have shown reform and recovery thru sobriety in recent yrs. I'm considering going back in the mil after 12 yr break in service and struggled with issues after my discharge in 2007.

5. I’m 52 and get up at 3am to work construction for 8 hours and then commute home for an hour and a half. What’s the best and healthiest energy boost to make it though my work out?

6. Would James Hetfield be considered THE technical master of the axe? Would Metallica be different if Cliff had not died?

7. Automatic or manual transmission? And what situations is one more desirable than the other?

8. What’s your advice for someone joining the army and wanting to make the long walk?

9. What is your favorite metal song(s) that is instrumental with no vocals?

10. What’s been your craziest adrenaline rush and how do you control that adrenaline dump during combat?

11. Is it disrespectful for someone who did not serve in the military to get an American flag tattoo?

12. Can you guys give an in-depth analysis of “Dumb and Dumber?”

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