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Episode 6 with Jamey Caldwell (Special Forces Vet)

C. J. and Mac sit down in person with one of Mac's former teammates from the Unit, Jamey Caldwell, to talk about his military career, mindset, and his current occupation as a pro bass fisherman. And he joins us for the Q&A! 

Q&A with Mac & C. J.

In the Q&A segment, C. J., Mac, and Jamey answer:

1. For both, how do you balance work and family life with such a busy schedule, do you ever just get burnt out? How’d you deal with it?

2. For Pat, what are your 5 must have essentials when your backpacking and camping out in the wilderness?

3. What does a typical day look like for you? Hour by hour.

4. For Pat- Do you schedule in De-load weeks in your training?

5. Is Alice In Chains metal or hard rock?

6. For Pat - Copenhagen or Grizzly

7. Top 5 songs by Chimaira

8. 5 things you love about the 80s

9. Has your perspective changed about war since you retired?

10. I love rock and most metal. It’s what I listen to most of the time, but I love the Bee Gees. Am I lame?

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PLUS... the badass heavy metal music featured at the beginning and end of this podcast is provided by our badass brother, Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Painmuseum). Get more from Metal Mike!

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