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Episode 4 with C. J. & Mac Talkin' Life & Attitude


C. J. and Mac take a break from interviews to delve deep into serious but hilarious discussions about pets, food, family, attitude, special forces, metal, Sentinel courses, and an extended Q&A session!

Mac’s Sentinel Segments are taken from his book Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail. With Mac’s extensive background and knowledge of living and working in the world’s most dangerous places—along with his years spent in the Army’s most elite counterterrorism unit—he brings effective, simple tips about how to stay safe and prepared.

Q&A with Mac & C. J.

In the Q&A segment, C. J. and Mac answer:

1. Mac: what was the lowest or most stressful time you had in the military and how have you grown from it?

2. Mac & CJ: Do you remember where you were when heard Jeff Hanneman died, and what’s the best Hanneman song?

3. Mac & CJ: Any advice on starting new relationships with the ladies. First responder who’s so focused or training, etc that social skills are lacking.

4. Mac: were there any specific influential people that motivated you in the unit, and how did they motivate you to be better?

5. Mac & CJ: what is your favorite cheat food?

6. Mac & CJ: without being too personal how do you guys manage your busy life’s and fatherhood? I’ve been in training away from my family for 7 months and I’ll be on the road a lot after training is over.

7. Mac: What is your take on teachers carrying a concealed firearm in school?

8. Mac: Metallica, Load and Reload. Discuss.

9. Mac & CJ: Sometimes I feel like my home life is out of control and has no structure or a man that’s hard to admit. My kids mouth off and my wife and I argue. I will not just quit! How can I get things back on track? We all love each other and have great days...but the chaos is starting to get out of control.

10. Mac: What effect has social media had on the military both in terms of inspiration and distraction? Does it help us create soldiers who are better informed or do we run the risk of giving away TTPs?

11. Mac & CJ: Why is heavy metal so appealing to some and not to others? 

12. Mac & CJ: What does retirement look like for you guys?

PLUS... the badass heavy metal music featured at the beginning and end of this podcast is provided by our badass brother, Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Painmuseum). Get more from Metal Mike!

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  • Metal Motivator,

    You briefly talk about the band(s) you were in. Where can I get the tunes?

    Metal Mac,

    You talk about the CD you made to proven that you could do it better. Again, where can I get the tunes?

    I am dying to hear your guys’ music!

    Metal up buttercups!


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