Episode 16: Wes Whitlock & “Going Rogue with Badassery”

In this special episode, Mac & C. J. are joined by Wes Whitlock, owner of Invader Coffee and Rogue American Apparel for a podcast collaboration “Going Rogue with Badassery.” Wes is also the host of his own podcast, “Going Rogue with Wes Whitlock,” and he will be posting the very same episode on his platforms.

You’re going to love this episode as we break down everything from coffee to executive protection plus some strong takeaways on the power of showing up, working your ass off, building strong relationships, and never giving up!

The University of Badassery Podcast is Sponsored by Invader Coffee and Taconic Distillery

PLUS... the badass heavy metal music featured at the beginning and end of this podcast is provided by our badass brother, Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Painmuseum). Get more from Metal Mike!

Follow Wes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wes_whitlock/
Invader Coffee: https://invadercoffee.com/
Rogue American Apparel: https://rogueamerican.com/

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