Episode 10 on Lewis & Clark

In this special episode, Mac & C.J. go in-depth on the incredible story of Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery expedition to explore the American West at the direction of Thomas Jefferson. Of course, the story itself is one big tale of badassery, but Mac & C. J. make it more badass with a contemporary analysis that includes Mac’s insights from the perspective of an elite modern commando.

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Episode 10: Question & Answers

1. What are your thoughts on Judas Priest with Tim Ripper Owens?

2. I wanted to see if Pat could share some inside on how to better prepare for a midnight intruder. You’ve been asleep for four hours next thing you’re alarm goes off and someone is in your house. I myself wear contacts and take them out every night. This is my biggest concern with shooting at night. Glasses are rough as well since they can fog easily if you have to go outside peripheral vision also sucks Shoes are tricky also I’d hate to have to try and run around my house in crocks or flip flops. No one ever really covers this topic and would like to hear your input.

3. Modern metal sounds more heavy and screaming than old school metal. Do you consider 80s metal to be rock?

4. Mac, when you plan your yearly training schedule around the country do you pick the locations first and then get students or do you get requests to come and train then open it up?

5. Are you concerned about relying too much upon personal technology (phones, Alexa, etc)? What’s the best mindset for balancing technology without getting weak and too reliant upon them?

6. Mac, what was the biggest lesson you learned in the forces that applied in civilian life but took some time to realize. Maybe something that wasn’t obvious.

7. What’s the most “unbadass” thing you do or are into? Something that people would think is unbadass.

8. What’s your favorite AC/DC album and why?

9. When should a band hang it up and retire?

10. Are you going to see the new Top Gun? Are you fans of the original?

11. What’s one food that most people love that you don’t?

12. What are thoughts on goal-setting? Daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly, beyond?

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