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Episode 1 with Trevor Bachmeyer of Smashwerx



 In this first episode of The University of Badassery Podcast, C. J. and Mac have a high-energy, motivating, brain-punching discussion with Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer, owner of Smashwerx, a world renowned rehab system, and a powerful social media influencer who dispenses daily content to hundreds of thousands.

Douche Zone

What’s the Douche Zone? Well, it’s basically a push for etiquette in a world where decency is in decline and rudeness, sloppiness, laziness, and inconsideration are on the rise. Do we have a responsibility to speak out? What about bullying? C. J. and Mac tackle these topics in this episode!

Metal Zone

Of course, we HAVE to talk about THE METAL! As Mac says, “Metal isn’t for everybody. You have to be cool first,” but because of the influence of C. J. and Mac (and their previous podcast, “Metal Excellence”), more and more people are being turned on to heavy metal and loving it! C. J. and Mac break this down.

Sentinel Segment

The Sentinel Segment is all about one thing: protecting you and your loved ones in an unpredictable world. These segments are taken from Mac’s book Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail. With Mac’s extensive background and knowledge of living and working in the world’s most dangerous places—along with his years spent in the Army’s most elite counterterrorism unit—he brings effective, simple tips about how to stay safe and prepared. In this episode, Mac discusses hurricane, or disaster, preparation.

Q&A with Mac & C. J.

In the Q&A segment, C. J. and Mac answer:

  1. What was the biggest breakthrough in your personal development?
  2. How do you deal with rudeness in the world?
  3. What’s the best way to introduce metal to your kids?
  4. What are your biggest failures, and what did you learned from them?
  5. What’s up with all the monster-sounding vocals in metal?
  6. What’s your 10-song Lamb of God workout playlist?
  7. What’s the most efficient use of range time?
  8. Will Mac ever hold a course in Canada?
  9. Would Mac implement Combat Strength Training as is if he were active duty?
  10. What is the most motivating heavy metal song and why?
  11. What is your biggest regret?
  12. Is Lamb of God the new Pantera?

C. J. and Mac also discuss Burt Reynolds, movies, resting heart rates, vacations, and a whole lot more!

The badass heavy metal music featured at the beginning and end of this podcast is provided by our badass brother, Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Painmuseum). Get more from Metal Mike!

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  • \m/ thank Metal for you \m/

    Josie Fox
  • \m/ thank Metal for you \m/

    Josie Fox

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